Windsurfing Maui

Windsurfer’s paradise!

Maui is the ultimate windsurfing destination – steady trade winds, clear, warm water, beautiful beaches, and outrageous surf combine to provide the windsurfing vacation of your dreams. Whether you’re a beginner windsurfer or a seasoned pro, Maui has the perfect conditions for you!

Maui’s trade winds

Maui is blessed with the most reliable, consistent wind imaginable – you’re sure to get a lot of windsurfable days any time you come, specially in the summer.

The trade winds come from the North East, and hit the main windsurfing beaches on Maui’s North Shore at the perfect angle for fun windsurfing.

Maui’s windsurfing beaches

Whether you’re a professional windsurfer or a total beginner, Maui’s North Shore has the perfect windsurfing beach for you!

Kanaha Beach Park

Kanaha Beach Park is arguably the world’s best windsurfing beach: the famous steady Maui trade winds, beautiful, clear water, an extensive reef that provides excellent wave sailing, long white sand beaches, landscaped grassy areas for rigging, paved parking lots, bathrooms, showers, picnic tables, and a great group of fun-loving windsurfers – who could ask for more?

Kanaha Beach Park is where to learn windsurfing at any level, from beginner or waterstarter to the most advanced level. Kanahe Beach is an especially good place for learning to wave ride – the off-shore reef provides excellent, relatively gentle waves, and the inside section offers a great place to sail in protected, wave-free waters.

Kanaha Beach is only a couple of miles from our shop, which makes it very convenient when you want to change equipment!


The favorite beach of many intermediate and advanced windsurfers, Sprecklesville offers less amenities than Kanaha, with parking on the sand, no grass, no showers, and no picnic tables. The appeal is the more private location, the white sand beach, the fun crew, and the waves, that unlike at Kanaha, come right to the shore. For this reason, Sprecklesville in the winter surf season is only for intermediate to expert sailors.

Ho’okipa Beach Park

Ho’okipa in the winter surf season is the world’s premier destination for the most expert windsurfers, and the home to the most prestigious professional windsurfing contests, because of its steady trade winds and outrageous North Shore surf. However, Ho’okipa in summer is a mellow break, suitable for intermediates as well as experts, and a great place to learn to rip up the waves.

Ho’okipa is also an excellent surfing beach, and offers all the amenities: bathrooms, paved parking, lifeguards, pavillions, picnic tables, bbq rings, and a great little inside pool for the kids.

The ten man rule

Ho’okipa is very popular with surfers, as well as windsurfers, so we must share the waves. The rule is this: if there are ten or more surfers,out, windsurfers can’t go. Fortunately, when the wind is good for windsurfing, it’s generally too strong for the surfers, so there is rarely any conflict.

The 11 o’clock rule

In all the North Shore, the 11 o’clock rule is in effect – before 11 o’clock in the morning, no windsurfing is allowed. This rule is implemented to allow divers, fishermen and swimmers to enjoy the water before the wind comes up. – it’s no fun to dive when windsurfers are screaming on the water over your head!

Fortunately, the 11 o’clock rule is no hardship to us – the winds don’t generally come up until then anyway! The only exception to this rule is that beginner, no wake windsurfing lessons can take place before then at Kanaha Beach Park.

Reserve your Naish gear for your perfect Maui windsurfing vacation

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