Kite Beach, Maui

Kite Beach Maui

Possibly the best known kiteboarding beach in the world, Maui’s Kite Beach is a great place to kiteboard – tropical ambiance, clean, warm water, unbelievably steady trade winds, a long stretch of calm water before the reef, and excellent, gentle waves on which to hone your kitesurfing skills – who could ask for more?

Kite Beach is Maui’s most popular kiting beach, and there you will find a great combination of world-class shredders, eager intermediates, and Maui’s newest crop of budding kiteboarding beginners: one thing in common – they’re all having fun!

Kite Beach: the ideal place to learn to kiteboard

Kite Beach Maui is a great place to learn to kiteboard. The famous steady Maui tradewinds, the protected inshore water, and some of the world’s best instructors combine to make Kite Beach a kiteboarding beginner’s perfect setting.

Amenities – not too many!

Kite Beach is an excellent place to kiteboard. However, don’t expect wide grassy lawns, showers, or picnic tables. Kite Beach is a bare-bones kind of experience – there’s sand, a bit of vegetation, a dirt parking lot, and a couple of portable toilets – the action is in the water!

Kite Beach safety guidelines

A few common sense rules will help make your Kite Beach visit safe and fun for everyone:

  • No kiting before 11:00 AM:We share the water with divers and swimmers, and nothing takes the fun out of a snorkeling session like kiteboards screaming overhead! Since the trade winds don’t generally fill in before 11 anyway, this is an easy sacrifice for us to make, and it gives you time for a relaxed breakfast before your day of kiting!
  • Launch kites, catch kites: We all like to have our kites launched and caught, so return the favor – much more fun for everyone.
  • Make room: there’s only so much beach – if you’re done kiting, break down your kite, or stack it with other ones – you’ll be gratefull for the room when it’s your turn to launch!
  • Be safe: safety is number one – kiting is no fun if you get hurt! Don’t speed near the shore, beware kite lines, keep an eye peeled for hazards and other kiters – just basic common sense!
  • Enjoy yourself!

Questions? Let us know!

If there’s anything you want to know about kiteboarding on Maui, ask us, and we’ll do our best to help! Just email us, or call us at 808-871-1500. We’re here to help!

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